BEL is a solo project by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dan Belgue. With deep roots in acoustic folk music, BEL was born from a desire to explore the sonic
fringes of folk, taking organic acoustic tones and weaving them together with noisy, ethereal electric guitar and synth sounds, and warm vocals that sometimes seem to float through space.

BEL's new EP 'Basements' - a follow up to 2016's 'Attics' - plays out like a lost
transmission from some other place or time. A warm wave of sound from start to
finish, 'Basements' is a collection of floating folk songs about love, loss, and friendship. The EP was inspired by the places along our journey that inevitably shape our experience; all the spaces we come to inhabit and share with one another.

Similar to the first EP, 'Basements' was recorded in a make-shift home studio, this time in the basement where BEL was living. BEL played and recorded all the
instruments on the EP, building up the songs from their acoustic bones during the recording process, multi-tracking the parts to flesh out the sound. Pleasant
surprises abound, 'Basements' marks an exciting evolution in the BEL project.

Currently working hard on the live show, where the songs translate into a hazy solo set featuring noisy electric guitar loops, banjo, and spacey vocals, BEL will be heading back into the studio to record his debut LP in 2019.


Photo by Daniel von Schulman